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July, 2023


Dear Valued Customers, Business Partners, and Business Associates,




I hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy.


Amid financial sector turmoil, high inflation, ongoing effects of a Russia-Ukraine war, and three years of COVID, the past few years have brought us many challenges and forced enterprises to make major leaps in transforming business models and processes to leverage opportunities.


In the past 32 years since my modest entry into this business, the world has faced a multitude of threats and challenges.


Our commitment to building a better business begins with change as we can never stay in the same loop forever.


This is why we are expanding opportunities at MICRODIA – by hiring more global talents to join our global and regional teams, by expanding our regional offices with better operational flows, and by replacing new ERP and EDI systems to have better connection with our regional distributors and retail partners, with better service lead-time and service quality.


MICRODIA and its subsidiary companies are also developing a diverse and wide-range of innovative, unique, and high-demand products,

  • Data Storage Media Products: from 1.0 TB microSD cards to 10 TB SSD, 

  • Apple Certified Accessories: from iPhone 15 screen protectors to 240W wall chargers,

  • Samsung Mobile Accessories: from S23 30W GaN chargers to Fold 5 wireless car chargers.

  • Naked-Eye 3D Technology*: watch 3D movies on mobiles with our 3D screen protectors.

  • 2D-to-3D Conversion*: convert 2D images, videos to 3D and watch on all devices.

  • 3D Cameras*: shoot 3D images and videos with our easy clip-on 3D cameras.

  • Smart Home & IOT*: smart security solutions with exceptional user experience.

  • Robotic Home Appliances*: from robotic vacuum cleaners to robotic lawn mowers powered by AI..

  • Personal Fitness Gear*: a complete range of fitness and training gear for personal home gyms.

  • Travel Gadgets*: from travel power adapters to GPS luggage trackers, etc..  

  • Portable Power Stations*: from 210Wh to 1000Wh capacities compatible with EV charging.

  • Home Energy Storage Systems*: from 900Wh to 6500Wh capacities with semi-solid state batteries and modular battery systems. 

  • Renewable Energy*: energy sourced from high-performance solar panels & wind turbines.

  • Heavy Duty Energy Storage Systems*: especially built for construction projects.

  • etc..

    * operated by MICRODIA subsidiary companies 

Please ask for more details if you are interested to learn more.


To support our customers to meet these challenges in 2023 and beyond, we are offering,

  • Unsecured credit payment terms** (up to US$60 million, & 180-Day);

  • Smaller order quantity (from 100PCs/model up);

  • Short-delivery lead-time (within 24 to 48 hours subject to stock availability);

  • Social media marketing (in local languages);

  • Online product training (over zoom & team);

  • POSM and POP promotional materials for In-store display;

  • High-resolution products pictures for website display; 

  • Regional & local exhibitions and trade shows;

  • and so on.

    ** subject to credit approvals by major global banking institutions


The pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, social conflicts, and climate-related catastrophes may continue to test all businesses,

including MICRODIA. But we do not accept that our future is pre-ordained. It is ours to shape. 


For example,

  • The sales of our mobile accessories and travel accessories have increased by over 100 times in the past two quarters due to more people traveling again for business and leisure.

  • The sales of our renewable energy products in Europe have reached all time higher due to Europe’s energy crisis.

  • The sales of our Smart Home and IOT products have increased drastically across the globe as people today demand smarter security solutions.

  • etc..


Let MICRODIA re-ignite your business again and together, we can make a giant leap forward. 


Please talk to our regional business development teams immediately for a customized business partnership solution.

You will be surprised and pleased to see, together, we can make a giant leap forward.

With Best Regards,

Louis Leung – Founder, President & CEO


RIVA BAY Holdings Group of Companies 




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