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Strongest Connections

Compact but More Capabilities Connections

Level up the performance of connectivity for your smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers with MICRODIA's HUBs, dockings and cables.

MacBook Air 15 with 5-IN-1 HUB_Sliver Large.png

5-in-1 HUB / 4-in-1 HUB

for MacBook Pro / Air Series

5-in-1 merge ipad pro hub.2274M-02 Large.png

5-in-1 HUB / 4-in-1 HUB

for iPhone | iPad

MacBook Air 15 Docking Station.jpeg

MaxiHub Station

Power Bank with PD3.1 Charging and Total Output of 163W

L-Shape MFI USB-C to Lightning V2.jpg

MFi-Certified Cables


USB-C Cables
certified by USB-IF

Magnetic C Cable.jpg

Magnetic Cables

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