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July, 2022

Dear Valued Customers, Business Partners and Associates,



I hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy.


2021 has brought us many challenges and forced enterprises to make major leaps in transforming business models and processes to leverage opportunities.


In the 31 years since my modest entry into this business, the world has faced a multitude of threats and challenges. This past year, though, has been uniquely difficult. The confluence of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic distress that resulted in global uncertainty has compelled us to marshal our strength and resilience.


MICRODIA – didn’t just survive the past crisis, we emerged stronger every time. Over and over, human ingenuity has unfailingly demonstrated the ability to persevere, adapt and flourish. Knowing that gives us confidence that both our organization and the world will rally again; that we have a chance to do more than return to normal. We can and should pursue a better normal.


We know business will need to adapt to markets that have changed and are changing, technologies that are rapidly evolving, and new societal attitudes and values.


Our commitment to building a better normal begins with people. We are expanding opportunities at MICRODIA – by hiring more global talents to join our global and regional teams, by expanding some regional offices with better operational flows, and by replacing new ERP and EDI systems to have better connection with our global distributors and retail partners, with better service lead-time and service quality.


It is humble to say that the MICRODIA Group, which develops and manufactures a diverse and wide-ranging product portfolio,

  • from Mobile Communication to MFi Mobile Accessory Products,

  • from Small Home Appliance to Smart Home IOT Products,

  • from Personal Fitness Gear to Home Gym Setup,

  • from Flash Memory to Motion-Detection 4K Video Conferencing Cameras,

  • from Power Banks to Portable Outdoor Power Stations

  • from Facial Masks to Healthcare Wellness & Healthcare Products

has proved to the outside world that we have a structure that is resilient against the crisis.


To support our customers to meet these challenges ahead in 2022 and beyond, we are offering,

  • Unsecured Credit Payment Terms (from US$100,000.- to US$60 Million up to 150-Day)*;

  • Small Order Quantities (100PCs/Order acceptable for certain products);

  • Delivery within 24 hours after P/O (with 3-Month Order Rolling Forecasts);

  • Regional Digital Marketing Campaigns in Local/Regional Languages (available in Japanese, Arabic, & 6 other major languages);

  • Online Product Training to Product Managers;

  • Front-Line Sale Teams (via Zoom or Team Video with our Product Trainers);

  • eCommerce Sales Kit (High-Res Product Pictures, Spec., and Feature List, etc.);

and a series of Marketing and Promotional Supports to emerge stronger than ever.


The pandemic, the economy, social conflict and climate-related catastrophes may continue to test all businesses, including MICRODIA. But we do not accept that our future is pre-ordained. It is ours to shape. Let MICRODIA re-ignite your business again and emerge stronger and better.


*Subject to Credit Approval

With Best Regards,

Louis Leung – Founder, President & CEO


RIVA BAY Holdings Group of Companies 

Please contact our Regional Business Unit (RBU) teams directly and they will work with you with our best possible supports,

Regional Business Unit Contacts

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