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15W Dual-Coiled Wireless Car Charger

with Built in Super Capacitor

Design for SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold-01.jpg

Built-in Super Capacitor

Unlike conventional wireless car chargers which goes off immediately when the engine is off,  you can still open the clamping arms electrically to release your mobile after switching the engine off.

Powered by SmartAI_RGB_2023-04.png

SmartAI™ Charging Technology by MICRODIA

Efficient and safe wireless charging experience

allows you charging your device in the car quickly and stably.

Qi2 is more efficient and faster

Qi2 ensures devices and chargers align perfectly, improving energy efficiency. More efficient charging also means faster charging because energy is not lost in the charging process.

Protection for Wall Charger.png

Superior Safety Performance

Premium thermal resistance materials and a built-in intelligent multi-protection safety system both guard against overcurrent, overcharging and overheating. Thus, ensuring complete protection.

Adjustable Bottom Lever

Your device is protected by the lever on the bottom on top of the grips on both sides, to prevent accidental drops.

Multi-Installation Options

You could choose from three installation methods for this wireless car charger;

on the dashboard or windscreen with the strong suction cup or on the air vent with the holder comes in the packaging.

Design for SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold-01.jpg
15W Dual-Coiled Wireless Car Charger
Coils Fast Car Charger Phone Mount_icons.png
Coils Fast Car Charger Phone Mount_icons.png
Coils Fast Car Charger Phone Mount_icons.png

15W Dual Coiled Design

SNAPDrive Armstrong Fold’s built-in dual coiled design  delivers up to 15W of power. It also upgrades the phone's induction range, effectively improves the charging performance and achieves higher efficiency.

MICRODIA WT-C35F 14.jpeg
EXPLORE for Fold 5_Car_02.jpeg

Automatic Clamping,

Smart Release with a Super Capacitor

SNAPDrive Armstrong Fold is equipped with automatic clamping that automatically cradles your device when it is placed on the charger. It has a built-in smart capacitor that means your device will stay securely in place, even when the car is switched off. You can also release your device at the push of a button.

Three Installation Options

SNAPDrive Armstrong Fold comes with a suction cup and an air vent mount, allowing you to choose where you would prefer to mount your device.  Whether that is on the air vent, dashboard, or windscreen.


Air Vent





EXPLORE for Fold 5_Car_03.jpeg

Vertical or Portrait Viewing

With the simple push of a button, you can quickly rotate your device 90 degrees. From there, you can decide if you would prefer to prop up your device in portrait or landscape mode, it’s up to you.


Back Side

What you can get?

Microdia_SnapDrive_Car charger.jpeg
ArmStrong Fold_04_Leg.png
Microdia_SnapDrive_Vent mount.jpg
A-C Charger Cable.png

SNAPDrive Armstrong Fold

Suction Mount

Air Vent Mount

Rotation Knob

Charge Cable


Model Name

MICRODIA SNAPDrive™ Armstrong Fold 15W Dual-Coiled Wireless Car Charger w/ Built in Super Capacitor


12V/1.5A, 9V/1.8A, 5V/2.0A



Charging Efficiency

110-205 KHz


ABS, Silicon



Made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. It is also compatible with the following smartphones:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 / Fold3 / Fold2

• Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 / Flip4 / Flip3 / Flip

• Samsung Galaxy S22 series / S21 series / S20 series / S10 series / S9 series

• Samsung Galaxy Note20 series / Note10 series / Note9 series / Note8 series 

• iPhone 15 series / 14 series / 13 series / 12 series / 11 series / XS series / XR series / X series / 8 series 

• Google Pixel 7/6/5/4/Pro, etc. (minimum 6.1 inches, maximum 7.6 inches)

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