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Internationally Compatible

Built-in socket types fit for Type A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/J/K/L/M/N/O which covers over 205 destinations, including US/Europe/UK/China/ANZ/JP/SE Asia and more ...

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SmartAI™ Charging Technology by MICRODIA

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Latest GaN Pro™ Architecture
GaN Pro™ Technology

The latest GaN Technology achieves our 1WorldAdapter™ series more compact and safe than others.

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4 Devices Simultaneously

This charger is equipped with 3 USB-C PD Ports and one QC4+ Port. Its built-in smart chip intelligently identifies the optimal current and voltage to avoid over-charging or overheat.

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Travel Light

Thanks to its ultra-compact size which measures just 55x93x53mm,

throw it into your pocket or baggage and it won't create any burden.

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Internationally Compatible

Seamless adaptability for 205 destinations.

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Superior Safety Performance

Premium thermal resistance materials and a built-in intelligent multi-protection safety system both guard against overcurrent, overcharging and overheating. Thus, ensuring complete protection.

What is Programmable Power Supply (PPS) Technology?

Established by information technology companies, USB-IF launches various technologies and conducts inspection activities. The organization has added PPS (Programmable Power Supply) technology to the PD 3.2 standard. PPS technology, which has been used in the electronics field for a long time, ensures voltage and current are kept at the ideal level. Therefore, gradual changes are possible in order for smartphones and tablets to reach the current and voltage levels they require. Overheating problems in the battery due to charging is experienced less and long-term use is ensured thanks to this technology.

PPS Icon.png

Fewer Overheating Problems

Longer Battery Life

What are the requirements for using PPS Technology?

Firstly, it is necessary to have a cable and charging adapter that meets PD 3.2 standards to use PPS technology. Of course, this charging adapter and cable should also support PPS technology. Furthermore, the mobile device should be compatible with both PD 3.2 and PPS technology.

PS Device Icon.png

USB-C PD-enabled smartphone, tablet or Laptop

USB-C charge cable

certified by USB-IF

USB-C PD 3.2 enabled wall or car charger or powerbank

GaN Pro™ Universal Power Adapter with

3 x USB-C PD3.2 & USB-A QC4+ PPS Fast Charging


140W PD Fast Charging

USB-C1/C2 supports 140W Max. of Power which offers MacBook 16’ a full charge in just 1.8 hours. This charger delivers 65W + 35W of power when ports C1 and C2 are used, which is capable to empower two laptops at the same time. When using all c ports together(C1+C2+C3), this USB C charger hub provides 65W+35W+20W fast charging power for one 65W laptop, one 20W iPad plus one mobile.

Latest GaN Pro™ Technology

MICRODIA’s Universal Power Adapters are equipped with the latest GaN Pro™ Technology which provides better temperature monitoring performance without sacrificing a drop of power. Equipped with integrated double 10A fuse for overload protection and safety valve, it further enhances users’ safety and the housing made of V0 Fire Retardant Material brings peace of mind.

Patented Charging Technology

Thanks to the patented SmartAI™ Charging Technology, MICRODIA’s Universal Power Adapters deliver an optimized charge to your energy-hungry devices with overall protection. It is achieved with its capability to intelligently identify the connected devices and detect and the most efficient current and voltage needed, to ensure ultra fast and safe charging.

All In One & One for All

This Universal Power Adapter turns one socket into 1 universal AC outlet (2500W Max), 3 USB-C and 1 USB-A charging ports allow you to charge 4 devices simultaneously, wherever it brings you. 

Universal Compatibility

This power adapter supports PD 3.2, QC4+ and PPS Technology to provide flawless compatibility for all USB-powered devices including the new iPhone 15 series, iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/14 Plus/iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max, iPad Pro/iPad Air, MacBook Pro/MacBook Air, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5/4, Flip5/4, Galaxy S23 Ultra/S22 Ultra Series, Bluetooth earphone, e-reader, portable speakers and more...

Plug Interface :

1WorldAdapter_Plug Details-01.png
1WorldAdapter_Plug Details-04.png


Model Name


GaN III International Adapter with 1 x QC4+ USB-A +  3 x PD3.2 USB-C PPS Fast Charging

Total DC Output


Connector Ports

USB-C PD3.2 x 3, QC4+ x 1

Single Port Charging

• USB-C1 : 140W Max

• USB-C2 : 140W Max

• USB-C3 : 20W Max

• USB-A1 : 18W Max


V0 Fire Retardant ABS

Dimension / Weight

93 x 55 x 53 mm / 208g

Color Options

Matte Black / Pearl White / Baby Pink / Sky Blue /

Mint / Lavender


120-Month Original Manufacturer Warranty

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