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PPS Chargers by MICRODIA?

Today, we are pleased to say that all MICRODIA wall chargers deploy PPS charging technology to deliver optimal charging performance.

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SmartAI™ Charging Technology by MICRODIA

Most Intelligent
Fast Charging
GaN II Technology

Adopting the GaN II Technology with advanced stacking design and upgraded circuit board structure, SMARTCube offers good performance on power transmission and energy dissipation. It runs cooler without sacrificing a drop of power.

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Made for iPhone 15 / 14 Series

This USB-C PD charger is specially design to deliver ultra fast charging for your iPhone 15 and 14 series. Delivers up to 3X the speed compared to a 5W charger. Charging your iPhone 15 and 14 series from 0% to 60% power takes just 30 minutes.


The next-generation, future-proof fast charging technology that charges your USB-C compatible phone or tablet most efficiently.

Travel Light

Thanks to its ultra-compact size which measures
30x30x27mm, throw it into your pocket or baggage and it
won't create any burden.

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Superior Safety Performance

Premium thermal resistance materials and a built-in intelligent multi-protection safety system both guard against overcurrent, overcharging and overheating. Thus, ensuring complete protection.

What is Programmable Power Supply (PPS) Technology?

Established by information technology companies, USB-IF launches various technologies and conducts inspection activities. The organization has added PPS (Programmable Power Supply) technology to the PD 3.1 standard. PPS technology, which has been used in the electronics field for a long time, ensures voltage and current are kept at the ideal level. Therefore, gradual changes are possible in order for smartphones and tablets to reach the current and voltage levels they require. Overheating problems in the battery due to charging is experienced less and long-term use is ensured thanks to this technology.

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Fewer Overheating Problems

Longer Battery Life

What are the requirements for using PPS Technology?

Firstly, it is necessary to have a cable and charging adapter that meets PD 3.1 standards to use PPS technology.
Of course, this charging adapter and cable should also support P
PS technology.
Furthermore, the mobile device should be compatible with both PD 3.1 and PPS technology.

PS Device Icon.png

A USB-C PD-enabled smartphone, tablet or Laptop

A USB-C charge cable

A USB-C PD 3.1 enabled wall and car charger or powerbank

Nano 200W

GaN Wall Charger, Trio USB-C PD3.1+USB-A QC4.0

Built for iPhone 15 Series

Specially designed to deliver ultra-fast charging power to your iPhone 15 series, SMARTCube will automatically identify the connected device and delivers the optimal power.

Made with SmartAI™

Built with SmartAI™, MICRODIA’s patented charging technology, which automatically detects the optimal current and voltage needed to charge your devices. SmartAI™ not only ensures your devices can be charged efficiently, but also safely, and prolonging your device’s battery life by up to 30%.

Greener with GaN

Built with the latest GaN II Technology, SMARTCube increases efficiency and decreases the chances of your overheating, all while being ultra-compact as well.

USB-C PD Protocol

With built-in USB-C Power Delivery protocol, it provides a much higher quality charging performance to a wider range of devices.

PPS Technology

Using programmable power supply (PPS) technology, SMARTCube delivers just the right voltage and current to your connected device.

Ultra-Compact and Travel-Sized

SMARTCube is built to be ultra-compact and travel-sized. You can throw it into your bag or suitcase without adding any bulk.

Multi-Port Charging

With a trio of USB-C ports and one USB-A port, you can simultaneously charge two devices at the same time. SMARTCube will automatically identify each of the connected devices, and the PD protocol will ensure a high-quality charging performance is delivered to each of them.

Plug Interface Options:

MICRODIA_Nano200W_US-Fold_white_03_20230614 Medium.png
MICRODIA_Nano200W_US-Fold_black_03_20230614 Medium.png


Model Name


GaN Wall Charger, Trio USB-C PD3.1+USB-A QC4.0


100-240V 50/60Hz


• USB-C1 : 100W

• USB-C2 : 100W

• USB-C3 : 65W

• USB-A : 60W

• All ports Charging : 60W+30W+18W+18W


V0 Fire Retardant ABS


30.8 x 67.5 x 67.5mm (excluding plug)

Color Options

Matte Black / White




24-Month Original Manufacturer Warranty

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