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Solid State Drives

MICRODIA’s Internal and External Solid-State Drives allow your systems to boot quicker, load applications faster and shut down faster. They are ideal for notebook and desktop use and can increase the performance of common offices and multimedia applications.

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micro External SSD

 World’s Smallest SSD with Windows-To-GO 

MICRODIA micro External SSD

A Full-size memory.

In a sub faction of the space.

The world’s Smallest and Highest-speed External SSD – the MICRODIA micro SSD that you can put item into your pocket like a chocolate bar – has a capacity of up to 960GB and a transfer speed of up to 500MB/s, allowing you to take your full computer with you wherever you go

It’s fast, convenient, minute and powerful. And the accompanying Windows-To-Go (WTG) application allows you to run Windows 8 on a PC or Mac

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SSD Speed Chart
2022-10-17_MICRODIA_SSD_external SSD_1500x1500_08.png
SSD Works with MAC OS X

• WTG (Windows-To-Go) – Use Windows™ on any computer; no OS installation needed
• Plug ‘n’ Use – Connect the Micro SSD to a PC or Mac using the complimentary cable, wait for the auto-execution program to run, then use
• Colossal memory size – Available from 64GB to 1TB, you will always have space to save your data, images, and libraries
• Blistering data transfer speeds – 2.5 minutes transfers up to 27.5GB of data; enhance productivity, increase efficiency and save time


Dimensions: 38 x 73 x 9.5 mm
Weight: 58g
Supported capacities: 64GB / 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB
Sequential read speed: up to 400MBps
Sequential write speed: up to 300MBps
Operating temperatures: 0 ~ 70°C
Interface: Standard USB 3.0 cable (USB2.0 compatible); or USB Type-C USB 3.1 cable
Operating System: Windows 8™
Hardware: PC, or Mac

XTRA PRO, microSSD, 120GB, Gold 55223
XTRA PRO, microSSD, 240GB, Gold 55227
XTRA PRO, microSSD, 480GB, Gold 55228
XTRA PRO, microSSD, 960GB, Gold 55229

XTRA PRO, microSSD, 120GB, Silver 55224
XTRA PRO, microSSD, 240GB, Silver 55226
XTRA PRO, microSSD, 480GB, Silver 55221
XTRA PRO, microSSD, 960GB, Silver 55222

XTRA PRO, microSSD, 120GB, Rose Gold 55230
XTRA PRO, microSSD, 240GB, Rose Gold 55231
XTRA PRO, microSSD, 480GB, Rose Gold 55232
XTRA PRO, microSSD, 960GB, Rose Gold 55233

SATA III Internal SSD 2.5"

 Turbo charge your laptop with XTRA speed 


MICRODIA’s Xtra™ Internal SSD – the SATA III Internal SSD 2.5″ is built to boost your computer’s performance over HDD by up to 10 times

It unlocks your laptop or computer’s full potential by offering faster boot-up, quicker application launch and better game and multimedia performance

It can be used as the primary drive or a secondary drive

Highly Responsive

From streaming video to multitasking, the needs of business and personal users are placing ever-increasing demands on today’s hard drives. The MICRODIA Internal SSD SATAIII uses advanced technology to direct data streams to the appropriate layer for maximum performance, greatly improving responsiveness and extending the life of the flash drive. The sequential read/write speeds can reach up to 6Gb/s


Built-In Reliability

Advanced NAND recovery techniques and powerful error detection and correction capabilities ensure reliable data reads under punishing conditions. The MICRODIA Internal SSD SATAIII uses write-minimization technology, which eliminates unnecessary write operations to increase endurance and performance


Lower Power Consumption

The MICRODIA Internal SSD SATAIII employs a low power architecture that significantly reduces the power consumed by the device, allowing users to extend the charge cycles of the battery; a feature that is highly desired by mobility applications



The MICRODIA Internal SSD SATAIII is compatible with PC & Mac computers – no drivers needed. It works with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Mac OS 10.4+

Dimensions: 2.5" (99.8 x 69.63 x 9.3mm)
Capacities: 60GB, 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB
Interface: SATA III
Seq. Read Speed: Up to 560MBps
Seq. Write Speed: Up to 540MBps
Systems Supported: Mac, PC, Linux, Chrome OS

XTRA Plus SSD, 60GB, Black          55320

XTRA Plus SSD, 120GB, Black        55321

XTRA Plus SSD, 240GB, Black        55322

XTRA PRO SSD, 480GB, Black       55323

XTRA PRO SSD, 960GB, Black       55324 

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