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MICRODIA Unveils MFi Certified Lightning FruityWire Cables

Hong Kong, 16 September 2015 – MICRODIA Corp., a world leader in flash memory technologies, has launched high-speed charge/sync Apple MFi certified Lightning cables by the name of FruityWire™, capable of charging and data transfer by connecting a iPhone/iPad to a laptop or a desktop computer via a USB port. Available in assorted colors, lengths, materials, and designs, this series of cables cater for every user.

FruityWire is the latest series of MICRODIA’s comprehensive cable and adapter solutions. Market researches by MICRODIA show that users of Lightning cables are most concerned with cables’ lengths, durability and MFi certification when they make a purchase. FruityWire ticks all the proverbial boxes of a desirable cable.

Every Lightning cable of FruityWire series bears the MFi badge, signifying quality endorsed by Apple. Inside the certified connector there is a unique Apple-verified serial number & authorization chip. Being certified to be MFi ensures FruityWire’s 100% compatibility with all Lightning enabled products, and that the cable will continue to work as expected, even after updating the operating system on a device.

Most MFi certified Lightning cables on the market are available at 0.5m, 1.0m or 2.0m, which is either too long or too short to some users. Instead of arbitrary lengths, MICRODIA base its decision upon the lengths of FruityWire on meaningful feedback from users and their actual use case. For example, it is found that 0.3m is ideal for charging an iPhone by a laptop without rendering the phone awkward to use. It is a common annoyance when users find out that their 1.0m cable is just enough to reach the desk when connected to a wall outlet, sparing no length for them to pick up the phone. FruityWire gives them that extra length they badly need. Two meters is long, probably too long for a cable to be carried around everyday, but it may fall short when it is used at home, especially when it is to reach the wall plug from a cozy sofa. Three meters will solve the problem. FruityWire series is available at various lengths, from 0.3m to 3.0m.

FruityWire is made of high quality materials inside and out. The core comprises of high-conductivity copper wires which allow a steady current of 2.4A for charging at full throttle, and it is in turn wrapped in premium materials such as industry grade nylon and genuine leather, contributing to the cable’s outstanding durability. For Apple grade TPE material, it is reinforced by flat cable design for stronger resistance to rip and breakage. FruityWire is tangle-free by design and by material. The certified connector itself is well-protected by sandblasted anodized aerospace aluminium shell. These materials not only provide additional strength to the cable but also give rise to different look & feel of the cable. FruityWire is available in assorted colors, offering choices in the black and white landscape of quality cables.

Certain models of FruityWire come with special features like a built-in LED power indicator, a magnetic anti-interference component or even a Lightning/micro USB combo that help Android and Apple users live in harmony. For more details about all models, please visit

“As a veteran consumer electronics manufacturer, MICRODIA has the technical know-how and experience necessary to create some of the most durable and functional cables on the market.” said Mr. Louis Leung, CEO of MICRODIA Corp. “FruityWire is the result of MICRODIA’s expertise in manufacturing and marketing.”

Specifications Interface : Apple Lightning, USB-A Max Speed : up to 480Mbit/s Certification : MFi certified Max. power output : 5V / 2.4A Length : from 0.3m, up to 3.0m Material : connector shell – anodized aluminium; : cable sheath – Leather / Nylon braided / round TPE / flat TPE Color : nylon braided – white, pink, blue, green, knitting pattern : TPE – white, grey, pink, blue, yellow

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