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The World’s First USB-C to Lightning Cable Released by MICRODIA

Hong Kong, 15 July 2015 – MICRODIA Corp. (Microdia), a world leader in flash memory technologies, has released the world’s first MFi certified USB-C 3.1 to Lightning cable, capable of charging and data transfer between iPhone/iPad and the new MacBook 2015. Available in assorted colors, lengths, materials, and designs, this series of cables cater for every user.

In the early June, Microdia showcased a full range Type-C solutions at Computex Taipei 2015, including a prototype of the USB-C to Lightning cable. Visitors at the trade show expressed strong interests in that prototype, among Microdia’s innovative product line-up. Fine-tuned, meticulously produced and thoroughly tested, the highly anticipated final product is now in stock, ready to meet customer demand.

The new Apple MacBook 2015 is the first device to include a USB-C 3.1 port, followed by Google Chromebook Pixel 2 and soon a plethora of devices from other major players in the field. However, since the USB-C port is the only port available on the new MacBook, the users found their iPhones cut out of access to the port on their new gadget. They were facing a dilemma: they need an adaptor, yet they don’t want an adaptor; because of its bulk which spoils the aesthetic, let alone defeating the purpose of having a sleek and ultra thin laptop. Microdia heard their voice. Microdia’s USB-C to Lightning cable is the answer to their calls.

With the first USB-C to Lightning cable ever available on the market, users of USB-C and Lightning enabled devices can connect them for both charging and data transfer at up to 5.0Gbit/s, eliminating the need for an adaptor. For those who prefer to use a laptop on a coffee table in a café, it is a good news that they don’t have to use a cable of standard length, which is prone to tug (for example, by someone tripping over it) due to its lengthy cord hanging from the table. The USB-C to Lightning cable is available at 0.2m (approximately 8 inches), ideal for charging an iPhone by the laptop without rendering the phone awkward to use. For more general and flexible use cases, another length option at 1.2m (~4 feet) is also available. It comes with a Velcro wrap to handle the extra length when not needed.

“Nowadays consumers demand quality and choices. Our USB-C to Lightning cable has a connector of high quality aluminium alloy. We offer to our customers different options of cord types, each fashioned with a broad selection of colors.” said Mr. Louis Leung, CEO of MICRODIA Corp. “Products that bear Microdia’s name are made of a wide array of premium materials.”

Interface : Apple Lightning, USB-C 3.1 Max Speed : 5.0Gbit/s Certification : MFi certified Length : 0.2m (8 inches), 1.2m (4 feet) Material : connector – aluminium; cable – TPE / Nylon braided Color : TPE – white, grey, pink, blue, yellow; nylon braided – white, pink, blue, green, multi-color knitting pattern



MICRODIA is a global leader in flash memory technologies and the world’s 2nd largest (in terms of production global capacity) manufacturer of flash memory cards. With its heavy emphasis on R&D, MICRODIA leads the way in bringing the latest and most advanced flash memory technology to market ahead of the competition. Since its inception in 1991 as a magnetic data storage media manufacturer, MICRODIA has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and technical excellence. Today, the company provides a full range of Flash Memory Data Storage Solutions, Portable Multimedia Devices and Wireless Connectivity Solutions. MICRODIA’s global coverage extends to many corners of the world and continues to penetrate existing markets and expand into new territories.


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