The World’s First USB-C to Lightning Cable Released by MICRODIA

Hong Kong, 15 July 2015 – MICRODIA Corp. (Microdia), a world leader in flash memory technologies, has released the world’s first MFi certified USB-C 3.1 to Lightning cable, capable of charging and data transfer between iPhone/iPad and the new MacBook 2015. Available in assorted colors, lengths, materials, and designs, this series of cables cater for every user.

In the early June, Microdia showcased a full range Type-C solutions at Computex Taipei 2015, including a prototype of the USB-C to Lightning cable. Visitors at the trade show expressed strong interests in that prototype, among Microdia’s innovative product line-up. Fine-tuned, meticulously produced and thoroughly tested, the highly anticipated final product is now in stock, ready to meet customer demand.

The new Apple MacBook 2015 is the first device to include a USB-C 3.1 port, followed by Google Chromebook Pixel 2 and soon a plethora of devices from other major players in the field. However, since the USB-C port is the only port available on the new MacBook, the users found their iPhones cut out of access to the port on their new gadget. They were facing a dilemma: they need an adaptor, yet they don’t want an adaptor; because of its bulk which spoils the aesthetic, let alone defeating the purpose of having a sleek and ultra thin laptop. Microdia heard their voice. Microdia’s USB-C to Lightning cable is the answer to their calls.

With the first USB-C to Lightning cable ever available on the market, users of USB-C and Lightning enabled devices can connect them for both charging and data transfer at up to 5.0Gbit/s, eliminating the need for an adaptor. For those who prefer to use a laptop on a coffee table in a café, it is a good news that they don’t have to use a cable of standard length, which is prone to tug (for example, by someone tripping over it) due to its lengthy cord hanging from the table. The USB-C to Lightning cable is available at 0.2m (approximately 8 inches), ideal for charging an iPhone by the laptop without rendering the phone awkward to use. For more general and flexible use cases, another length option at 1.2m (~4 feet) is also available. It comes with a Velcro wrap to handle the extra length when not needed.

“Nowadays consumers demand quality and choices. Our USB-C to Lightning cable has a connector of high quality aluminium alloy. We offer to our customers different options of cord types, each fashioned with a broad selection of colors.” said Mr. Louis Leung, CEO of MICRODIA Corp. “Products that bear Microdia’s name are made of a wide array of premium materials.”

Interface : Apple Lightning, USB-C 3.1 Max Speed : 5.0Gbit/s Certification : MFi certified Length : 0.2m (8 inches), 1.2m (4 feet) Material : connector – aluminium; cable – TPE / Nylon braided Color : TPE – white, grey, pink, blue, yellow; nylon braided – white, pink, blue, green, multi-color knitting pattern