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True Micro Card Reader Only 2mm Thick, 25mm Long and 12mm Wide

At 25mm long, 12mm wide and 2mm thick, the microSDXC Card Reader is one of the world’s smallest, thinnest and lightest card readers for micro SD cards.

Hong Kong, 06 June 2014 – MICRODIA Ltd. (MICRODIA), a world leader in flash memory technologies, now offers one of the world’s most portable microSDXC Card Reader. This is one of the latest additions to the Microdia Flash Mover Card Reader Series. It is housed in a durable aluminium body that makes it ideal for travel.

MicroSDXC Card Readers USB2.0 is suitable for all users. At 2mm thick, the microSDXC Card Reader is one of the world’s thinnest card readers and embodies convenience, security and function in one. The USB2.0 connector ensures that it is compatible with the USB2.0 ports on computers and laptops and USB adaptors on the market. In addition, COB (chip-on-board) technology guarantees fast read/write speeds for USB2.0.

While the microSDXC Card Reader USB2.0 slips into a SD card holder or wallet easily, it also comes with its own mini-lanyard that can be attached to a mobile device, or key ring. This card reader can also double as a portable, flexible-capacity, USB / microSD card hybrid data storage drive.

“The microSDXC Card Reader offers a convenient and great way for users to store, transport, and play digital content to and from their mobile device. No additional equipment is needed,” said Louis Leung, CEO and Founder of Microdia Ltd.

“Demand for portable memory capacity that performs, and is useable in as many mobile devices as possible has never been higher. And to access that memory, the right card readers are needed, particularly for microSD cards which are eminently suited for use in mobile devices,” said Louis Leung. “In today’s world, mobility is everything: it drives the market’s exponential growth,” said Louis Leung.

The global data storage market for primary storage technologies will reach approximately USD23.6 billion by 2018, estimates Frost & Sullivan. Of that market, the China data storage market is forecasted to grow to over USD8.9 billion. Demand for SD cards is predicted to hit US$21.3 billion by 2018 according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Key drivers include scalability, higher speed and storage capacity, portability and ease of use. For card readers, this means proportional exponential growth and constant demand for better, more advanced card readers and a greater selection.

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