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Roses in a USB Flash Drive Country Garden

Rose fragrances have been used throughout the centuries by men and women to evoke the subtle tenderness and aromas of summer, especially that of the English Rose. The scents remain popular today. And the myriad variations are now distilled into Microdia’s 128GB Rose-A-Roma FlashKeys.

Hong Kong, 06 June 2014 – MICRODIA Ltd. (MICRODIA), a world leader in flash memory technologies, introduces the world’s first rose-fragranced USB flash drive, Rose-A-Roma. At just 49mm high, 29.5mm wide and 26mm deep, the Rose-A-Roma FlashKey is a compact, chic data storage device with memory capacities from 8GB to 128GB. Each Rose-A-Roma FlashKey has a unique rose scent: green, spicy, powdery, effervescent, sweet, fruity, woody, earthy, dark, or richly heady. These FlashKeys come in pink, red, yellow, purple and blue and one set combines into a mini bouquet that fills home or office with a light summer breeze scented with roses.

Packaged in customized blisters, the Rose-A-Roma FlashKey scent is kept fresh until opened and used. Scents last up to one year depending on frequency of usage. A cap and optional lanyard complete the gift. Compatible with USB2.0 and 3.0, the Rose-A-Roma is suitable for all users.

“This novelty USB flash drive combines scent, beauty and functionality to offer end-users a way to bring the scent of summer roses into their digital environment,” said Louis Leung, CEO of Microdia Ltd. “The scents are designed to help users relax yet also increase productivity and effectiveness.”

When asked about the market’s stagnating demand for thumb drives, Mr. Leung provided a different and positive viewpoint.

“The USB flash drive market appears to be flattening out; however, that is far from the reality,” said Louis Leung.

“USB3.0-enabled devices are driving the demand for USB3.0 flash memory drives. In particular, flash memory drives must be able to read/write up to approximately 5Gb/sec, and be also able to read and write simultaneously.

This capability is enabled through USB3.0 technology.” According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the USB 3.0-enabled devices market is predicted to sell 3 billion units by 2018 with the APAC region still one of the fastest growing markets in the industry. Projected CAGR is approximately 78.9% over the analysis period. This translates into growing demand for flash drives that are USB 3.0 compliant.

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