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MICRODIA’s 512GB SD4.0 Flash Memory Card Debuts for Sale in Feb 2015, at CP+ 2015 Japan

USA, January 30, 2015 – MICRODIA Semiconductor Ltd. (MICRODIA) will introduce its latest SDXC flash memory card at the Camera and Photo Imaging Show in Yokohama, Japan. It will also be available for order at the trade fair.

Speed Requirements

Announced earlier this month, the XTRA Elite SDXC flash memory card is many times faster than current flash memory cards. It reads and writes at speeds up to a blistering 300MB/s. This speed caters to photographers and videographers of all types, as this group’s major concern is write speed.

Dual Performance

Professional photographers and videographers can perform both capture and loading of images and footage at speeds greater than current SD cards thanks to the double row of connector pins that are built to the SD4.0 standard. These connector pins, combined with the MICRODIA Enhanced Processing Management (EPM) technology, help users to reach top speeds and handle 4K- and 5K- resolution data with equanimity.

DSLR cameras and video cameras support the SD flash memory card form factor. Its size is both convenient and popular, making the SD card size a default data storage medium for professional photographers and videographers, and connoisseurs alike.

RAW and Video Storage

At 512GB, the XTRA Elite can store approximately 1000 RAW images at 21MP each. The high-definition video equivalent is up to 30 hours, while 4K-resolution videos would sit around 100 minutes (assuming each minute of 4K-quality shooting uses about 5GB of memory).

Operational Temperatures

Users are also able to use the SD card at extreme temperatures, ranging from 0°C to 85°C.Reviews by professional photographers and photography students via Fotomen state that the SD form factor operates well at low temperatures and in challenging environs. Wang Ping, a photography aficionado said, “[I]t performed without a hitch at 0°C”. A built-in read/write protection switch also helps ensure data is kept secure, thus provides peace of mind.

Quotations from Users

Reports from users of the XTRA flash memory card series highlight satisfaction with the speed as evidenced by several comments from a range of photographers.

“[A]t Class 10, the speed is perfect for shooting videos”, said Guo Songqi, a freelance designer. He concluded with, “In use, this brand [MICRODIA] certainly holds its own against more established ones. And its speed is a huge plus in its favour.”

Wang Ping, a photography connoisseur also expressed delight, “[M]y flash memory card must be reliable and write fast, and let me immerse myself in photography without worrying about saving my images. The card’s write speed is also extremely fast.” He went on to say, “Usually, a SD card bottlenecks at downloading photos after a shoot, but using the MICRODIA XTRA card allowed me to download my photos immediately after shooting. What a great feeling!”

Quotation from the CEO of MICRODIA Ltd.

“CP+ is a phenomenal platform in which to introduce and accrue dividends, particularly in terms of how professional photographers and videographers can profit from rapidly-advancing technology,” said Mr. Louis Leung, CEO of MICRODIA Ltd. “The speed of the SD4.0 standard in our premium XTRA Elite flash memory card series meets the demanding requirements of visualisation professionals.”

User Quotation Sources:

Translation of the review by Guo Songqi: Translation of the review by Wang Ping:

CP+ Trade Show Information

Date: 12 – 15 February 2015 Venue: Pacifico, Yokohama, Japan Booth: SDA G-21


Capacities (available now): 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB Capacities (coming soon): 1TB, 2TB Sustained read/write speed: 300MB/s (2000X) File formats supported: RAW, JPG, TIF, MPEG-4, MP3, m4V, MP4 (H. 264 codec)

Market Information The global data storage market for primary storage technologies will reach approximately USD23.6 billion by 2018, estimates Frost & Sullivan. Of that market, the China data storage market is forecasted to grow to over USD8.9 billion. Demand for SD cards is predicted to hit US$21.3 billion by 2018 according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Key drivers include scalability, higher speed and storage capacity, portability and ease of use.

Related Releases MICRODIA has also released a complementary card reader that is built specifically for SD4.0 flash memory cards. Users can combine this card reader with the XTRA Elite SD4.0 flash memory card to maximise their speed and efficacy.

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