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MICRODIA QC4.0 + Dual PD3.0  140W Car Charger

MICRODIA QC4.0 + Dual PD3.0 140W Car Charger



QC4.0 charges faster of course, and more, it’s designed to be more efficient and run cooler than the prior generations with up-to 20 percent faster, or 30 percent more efficient than QC3.0



Comparing to PD2.0 or PD1.0, PD3.0 has worked to improve its power delivery more efficiently, and for offering more information about the device being charged and its power/battery.



MICRODIA patented SmartAI™ Charging Technology is a charging technology that is able to detect a device and send the fastest charge by fluctuating amperage and wattage amount and by doing so will deliver the fastest charge efficiency to different devices that are charging.



It is accredited with UL, FCC, CE, CB and CCC, as well as equipped with all-round protection including Over Charge Protection (OCP), Over Heat Protection (OHP) and Short Circuit Protection (SCP). Its MTBF is up to 100,000 hours and the body is heat and scratch resistant.



140W of stable output power allows you to charge even the most powerful laptops quickly and charge other lower-powered devices like phones and chromebooks, alongside your laptop with ease.