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The simple solution to everyday frustrations when charging at home. None of us enjoy fumbling around for dropped cables or straining to use our devices when they're recharging. DurCable ANCHOR gives you a 10 feet range to comfortably charge anywhere. Its weighted knot can be anchored to any flat surface, so it's there when you need it next


> 100 Times more durable
> Original Apple C89 Lightning Connector - MFi Certified
> 2.4A Ultra-High-Speed CHARGE & DATA SYNC
> 5V Tolerant
> USB-IF Certification


> BETTER STRAIN RELIEF: Cable Joints are made from Flexible PVC to Absorb Stress

> WEIGHTED KNOT: Its weighted knot can be anchored to any flat surface to avoid dropped cables during charging or sync

> FLEXIBLE INSULATION: Insulation in Between Wires to Prevent Damage hen Bends and Flexes

> DOUBLE BRIADED NYLON: External jacket is Made from Hard-Wearing Braided Nylon and the specially braided


> Come with original MICRODIA Velcro for easy management 

Covered by MICRODIA 50-Year Warranty


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DurCable ANCHOR - MFi-Certified Nylon Braided Cable with Weighted Knot

Colors Available