MICRODIA makes world’s first USB-C for Apple Mac 2015

The USB Type-C standard will be rolled out in Europe in the middle of 2015. Already the tsunami murmurs have crescendoed and consumers, companies, and manufacturers are more than just wondering how this standard will affect their use and production of computers, gadgets and devices that use the current USB standard ports and connectors. USA, March 20, 2015 – MICRODIA Ltd. (MICRODIA) recently announced its USB Type-C On-The-Go (OTG) series. At one end, the USB-C features the current standard USB interface but adds a twist. There is a microSD card slot above the USB port enabling the user to employ the card reader function of this tiny OTG product. A semi-transparent cap protects the USB conne

Wireless Mobile Chargers Not Just for Show

“Wireless power at your fingertips” reads the slogan for the new triumvirate of wireless chargers from MICRODIA. Stylish and practical, the Cylinder, the Chaise Longue, and the Book sit innocuously on the table. They draw the eye for a blink. But that is enough. The mind already questions the purpose of these three items. Hidden within each is a wireless charging function for one smart phone or three. Up to 12V output ensures that any smart phone is fully charged in a short period of time. USA, March 16, 2015 – MICRODIA Ltd. (MICRODIA) announces a trio of wireless chargers built to service the smart phone community. The first is the Twist. Its top twists to a trendy 45° angle and lets users

MICRODIA makes world’s first Micro SSD for MacBook 2015

Running Windows on a MacBook has just gotten easier. The Micro SSD from MICRODIA is the world’s first and smallest (38 x 73 x 9.5 mm) external SSD for the MacBook 2015. It comes with the WTG application and a USB Type-C cable that lets users connect the Micro SSD to the MacBook’s USB Type-C port. The WTG application is deployed automatically and useable soon afterwards. USA, March 16, 2015 – MICRODIA Ltd. (MICRODIA) will launch the world’s first external micro SSD for the latest MacBook 2015 in the upcoming Spring edition of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2015 (13 – 16 April 2015). The USB cable that comes with the Micro SSD allows users to connect it to the MacBook’s USB Type-C port. The Ma

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