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 Stay charged while
you are on-the-go


With technological advancements to ensure charging at optimal speed with the latest
QC 3.0, while simultaneously protecting your device, Getgearz car charger is made with

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy for a Premium Finish

GetGEARZ-Car Charger Dual USB-1000x1000.
Charging cable_Cable_2019.png

Charging Cable

Car Charger

Charge Cable + Dash Magnet (with dash

magnet for neat cable management)

Dual USB or USB C QC 3.0 Aluminium

Car Charger


It ranges from a car charger, to wireless bluetooth headset. Airoblue car charger delivers an unparalleled in-car charging experience, while enhancing Headphones to remain comfortable in a position and ensure no tired ears and premium wearing experience. 

AiroBlue A3-01_1000x1000.jpg
AiroBLUE C3 1000x1000.jpg

3-in-1 Airoblue A.3

Real 3-in-1 Multi-Function Design Combination of Car Charger, Wireless Bluetooth Earbud & Air Purifier

2-in-1 Airoblue C.3

Combination of Car Charger, Wireless Bluetooth Earbud


Travel Adapters come with five exchangable plugs plus the feature of a portable fast charge wireless charging power bank, the X.CUBE series are the best companion for both your leisure and business trips

Wall Charger

X.Cube_16W_Wall Charger_1000x1000-01.jpg
X.Cube_66W_Wall Charger_1000x1000-02.jpg


Wall Charger

66W PD USB-C Wall Charger

This USB-C wall charger packs a total 18W of power into its compact form. It keeps your devices charged anywhere

This USB-C wall charger packs a total 66W
of power into its compact form. It is smallest
yet powerful

Wireless Power Bank Charger

X.Cube 8in1_1000x1000.jpg

Travel Pack 8-in-1

Travel adaptor comes PD and QC 3.0 charging ports for charging four devices at the same time

Travel Pack 10-in-1

Travel adapter comes with 6700mAh battery capacity and compatible with wireless charging function

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