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Xtra Pro_CF_2000X_512Gb.png
Compact Flash (CF)

MICRODIA Xtra™ CF Series meet the needs of both “to-enjoy” users and professional photographers.

The MICRODIA XTRA™ CF cards are designed to meet the demands of high profile professional photographers and videographers, helping them maximize the efficiency while empowering them to pursue the ultimate perfection in visual narration.

Xtra Pro_CF_2000X_512Gb.png
Compact Flash

Made for serious professional photographers

Enjoy the Process – Shoot in the Moment


Get OPTIMAL performance from your device memory. Increase the speed, efficiency and more with the reliable MICRODIA XTRA™ PRO™ CF cards.








Capacities Available : 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB

Card Dimensions : 1.7″ x 1.4″ x 0.13″ (43 mm x 36 mm x 3.3 mm)
Weight : Approx 10g
Operating Voltage : 3.3V – 5V
File System : Up to 128GB: FAT 32
256GB or above : exFAT
Operating Temperatures : -13ºF to 180ºF (-25ºC to 85 ºC)
Storage Temperatures : -40ºF to 180ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC)
Speed Class : VPG20 ( minimum speed is 20MB/s)        
Maximum R/W Speed : 2000X 
Bus Interface : UDMA7
Controller Firmware : EPM, Multi-channeling
Compatibility : Compatible with host devices that carry official CompactFlash logo
Warranty : International lifetime limited warranty



High Performance & Superior Reliability
Optimize performance from both your memory card and your DSLR camera. Shoot in the moment and thoroughly enjoy the process. The Microdia XTRA™ PRO™ CF cards are designed for high performance and superior reliability. Capacities range from an ordinary 8GB to a colossal 256GB, empowering you to shoot, record, and enjoy the moment longer without interruption. And its certified VPG20 rating enables you to capture high-definition video easily and smoothly.

XTRA PRO™ flash memory cards read data at up to 120MBps. Write speeds of up to 800X help you take advantage of your DSLR camera’s advanced functions (like rapid shooting and continuous burst mode). Immediately capture your vision and smoothly deliver your story to wherever you need it.

This memory card series is ideal for current and new generations of recording devices that support super high speeds and capacities.

Optimized Upload & Download Functions 
Spend more time editing and storing, and sharing your adventures. XTRA PRO™ transfer speeds of up to 120MBps which reduce the time needed to transfer files to your computer.

Increased Capacities. Easily Store Photos & Videos
With capacities up to 256GB, XTRA PRO™ lets you store RAW, TIF, JPEG, music and Full-HD video files with ease. Captain a shooting session uninterrupted from start to finish is no challenge, either. This series helps you reduce upload interruptions, lets you shoot longer and enjoy the process more.

Longevity Wherever You Go
Sand and dust, ice and snow, water and x-rays do not affect your digital data. XTRA PRO™ memory cards are shock proof, x-ray proof, waterproof, dust proof and heat proof. Storage temperatures start at -40°C and top out at +85°C. Operating temperatures start at a freezing -25°C and top out at a boiling +85°C.

Technology Advancement
The MICRODIA XTRA PRO™ series is professionally designed for high performance and superior reliability. Ultra high transfer speed is achieved by implementing patented high-speed EPM (Enhanced Processing Management) firmware between the controller and the memory cells. EPM technology allows multi-channeling transfer to enhance read/write speeds. At the same time, it averages-out utilization of each memory cell to prolong the service life of the cells.

Based on CF standard, the MICRODIA XTRA PRO™ CF cards support the UDMA7 bus interface and are compliant with the CF 6.0 standard, with a maximum transfer speed of up to 120MBps*.

MICRODIA XTRA PRO™ CF cards support UDMA-7, which allows maximum transfer rate to reach 120 Mbps, with VPG20 minimum writing speed guarantee. MICRODIA XTRA PRO™ series is using the advance NAND memories and the latest wafer fabrication technologies to achieve ultra high capacity storage.

* Based on MICRODIA internal testing; performance may be lower depending on host device. Pictures shown may vary from actual product. All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

MICRODIA XTRA PRO™ is backed by an International Lifetime Limited Warranty.



Water Proof

MICRODIA memory media has an outstanding waterproof functions for use in rain and wet weather conditions.

Shock Resistance

MICRODA memory media is shockproof and difficult to break even under pressure to bending and twisting. Capable of withstanding up to 500Gs of shock.

Dust Proof

MICRODIA memory media have a dust-resilient structure, protecting data during outdoor use of memory media in high winds or sandy, dusty environments.

Weather Proof

MICRODIA Memory media may be used in a wide variety of temperature conditions, including mid-summer heat and bitter cold . Capable of withstanding operating temperatures from -13ºF (-25ºC) or 167ºF (75 ºC) for 100 cycles (equivalent to 28 hours).


MICRODIA memory media magnetic-resistance is tested magnet proof with no impact on performance and damages, when placed with electronic products that gives off magnetic fields. Capable of withstanding up to 5000 Gauss of static magnetic field for 140 hours.



Packaging (Single Pack):

Size: 165mm(L)x95mm(W)x5mm(H)

Gross Weight:22g

Net Weight:10g



Shipping (Single Pack)inner box:

Size: 310mm(L)x100mm(W)x175mm(H)/75PCs

Shipping (Single Pack)outer box:

Size: 635mm(L)x530mm(W)x175mm(H)/20 inner boxes

Shipping (Single Pack)one pallet:

7 outer boxes


Speed : 667X or 100MB/s Read/Write 
Video : Class 10, U3


Speed : 533X or 80MB/s Read/Write 
Video : Class 10, U1


Speed : 333X or 50MB/s Read/Write 
Video : Class 10, U1

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