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MICRODIA Adapter & Card Reader
MICRO-FLASH SD4.0 Card Reader
MICRODIA Micro-Flash SD4.0 Card Reader
MICRODIA Micro-Flash SD4.0 Card Reader Black
MICRODIA Micro-Flash SD4.0 Card Reader White

The world’s first SD4.0 Card Reader with USB3.0 Connector 

Sustained, blistering read/write speeds allow you to transfer colossal 4K-resolution videos and high-definition images at extreme speed, up to 5.0Gbps. 

EPM Technology™ (Enhanced Processing Management) and development of a SD4.0-enabled card reader provide you with a leading edge advantage – meet the need for, and demand the ultimate in speed, efficiency and effectiveness.

Compact and portable, the MICRODIA SD4.0 Card Reader lets you maximize your time and productivity wherever you are. 

Though backwards compatible, it performs best when used with the latest generation of USB-enabled technology.

Dimensions: 38.5mm (L) x 34mm (W) x 10.1mm (H)
Read/write speeds: Up to 5.0Gbps
Interface:  SD 4.0; microSD 4.0 ; USB 3.0
Colours:  Piano Black / Piano White


Adapters & Card Readers

MICRODIA’s high quality, high speed, tangle free cables and adapters enable you to charge, sync and share in a quicker, smoother and stylish way.

The world’s first SD4.0 Card Reader with USB3.0 connector
Triple SD Adapter
MICRODIA Triple SD Adapter

The Triple Micro SD Adapter transforms your microSD into a USB flash drive and a SD card. 

• Ultra lightweight and portable
• Input media are microSD /

   microSDHC cards up to 32GB
• Data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps
• USB 2.0 compatible

Dimensions: 30mm (L) x 24mm (W) (opened cap), 42mm (L) x 24mm (W) (closed cap)
Card Slot: microSDHC / microSDXC
Capacities Supported : 4GB - 1 TB
USB Interface: USB 3.0; backwards compatible with USB 2.0

WiFi SD Adapter
MICRODIA Wifi SD Adapter
MICRODIA Wifi SD Adapter
MICRODA Wifi Signal

A cost effective solution to add Wi-Fi capacity to your camera 

• Input media are microSD / microSDHC flash memory cards
• Standalone wireless hotspot for your digital camera
• Easy share and transfer photos, files & data
• Accessible by up to 6 users at the same time

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