MICRODIA Xtra™ microSD card series offer supreme digital storages that capture and render your images with exceptional speed and definition. They allow you to flawlessly record your beloved moments, store them in a fully protected environment, enjoy greatest moments over and over, and relive your adventures!

  • MICRODIA_XtraElite_MicroSD-01

    XTRA ELITE microSD

    Made for High Profile Photographers

    Speed : 2000X or 300MB/s Read/Write
    Video : Class 10, U3

  • MICRODIA_FMC_Mock_Up_XtraPro_MicroSD-01

    XTRA PRO microSD

    Made for Serious Professional Photographers

    Speed : 667X or 100MB/s Read/Write
    Video : Class 10, U3

  • MICRODIA_XtraPlus_MicroSD-01

    XTRA PLUS microSD

    Made for Serious Amateurs & Professionals

    Speed : 533X or 80MB/s Read/Write
    Video : Class 10, U1

  • MICRODIA_Xtra_MicroSD-01

    XTRA microSD

    Made for Everyone to Enjoy, Count on & Last

    Speed : 333X or 50MB/s Read/Write
    Video : Class 10, U1