MICRODIA XTRA CF Series meet the needs of both “to-enjoy” users and professional photographers.

The MICRODIA XTRA ELITE™ CF cards are designed to meet the demands of high profile professional photographers and videographers, helping them maximize the efficiency while empowering them to pursue the ultimate perfection in visual narration.

  • MICRODIA_XtraElite_CF_01

    XTRA ELITE Compact Flash

    Made for High Profile Professional Photographers

    Speed : 1066X or 160MB/s Read/Write
    Video : VPG 65, UDMA7

  • MICRODIA_XtraPro_CF_01

    XTRA PRO Compact Flash

    Made for Serious Professional Photographers

    Speed : 800X or 120MB/s Read/Write
    Video : VPG 20, UDMA7

  • MICRODIA_XtraPlus_CF_01

    XTRA PLUS Compact Flash

    Made for Serious Amateurs & Professionals

    Speed : 500X or 75MB/s Read/Write
    Video : VPG 20, UDMA7

  • MICRODIA_Xtra_CF_01

    XTRA Compact Flash

    Made for Everyone to Enjoy, Count on &Last

    Speed : 266X or 40MB/s Read/Write
    Video : VPG 40, UDMA7